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Focus Dailies 1-Day Acuvue Biofinity AirOptix
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would like to offer here some important notes to lens stretchers over night!

Contactlens-OnlineShop for Swiss

If you should have questions, then we are to you as learned eye opticians gladly at the disposal.

Important notes to safe overnight accomodation stretchers of your special Contactlenses
(like PureVision, AirOptix or Biofinity)

In the evening: Sleep in no case with Contactlenses, which disturb at the eye.

In the morning: If you feel an easy dryness feeling in the first minutes, this is not precarious, if it disappears soon. This feeling continues longer than three minutes, know you your eyes and Contactlenses with special wetting-drip to moisten (LensPlus, HyloComode, etc.).
If you do not have improvement, take your Contactlenses of the eye.

Fundamental is recommended from optician view clearly, to take also at least these lenses 1x per week from the eye and to give to a All-IN-ONE solution (like optionsMulti) over night! Your eyes and your lenses thank it you...

Place ask yourselves to each morning and evening the three following questions:

  • I see so well used?
  • Disturbs my Contactlenses?
  • Are my eyes clear?

Is the answer to these questions not yes, take the Contactlenses of the eye and interrupt the carrying.


Of course are valid also for these special lenses
to consider the usual rules!

  • Keep your lenses never longer on the eye than recommended of your eye optician.
  • Before you take medicines, ask your eye optician or optician whether you can carry lenses in this time.
  • Close the eyes, if you use a hair spray.
  • If you make water sport with your lenses, use please swimming eyeglasses. Avoid that strongly dirty or salty water comes to your eyes. After swimming we recommend to take out and disinfect the lenses. Alternative you find also individually corrected diver masks by us!
  • Do not hesitate to ask with ambiguity your eye optician.
  • Ask your eye optician for the suitable care system, because lenses and care must be perfectly one on the other co-ordinated. In principle there is the All-IN-One to preservative agents as well as the peroxide systems. We advise you gladly...
  • Consider the operating instruction for your preservative agent exactly.
  • Do not change the care system for your lenses without consultation by your optician.
  • Use your lenses excluding the given time after that open the Blisters - never longer! Then a new, fresh pair put on: That is the safe kind of correcting defective vision.
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Contactlense of CibaVision, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Zeiss, to most favorable Discounterprices, solutions and lenses accessories, more numerously useful of Swiss products and Swiss manufacturers find you by your online eye optician!

Thus we lead sunglasses of TN-Sunglasses (trendnews) those are shatterproof and even with correction-clip and corrected glass ones are available!Also Wagner with the SwissPen models is not to be forgotten, a great partner for us and of course; the company Irox from Bern, their weather stations, sport clocks they we directly orders! We lead naturally optical aids such as read eyeglasses, read magnifying glasses or binoculars etc.

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