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PureVision Multifocal
6 Contactlenses:

PureVision Multifocal<br> 6 Contactlenses

95,00 CHF
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Retail price CHF 179.-! "Swiss qualitaty to Discountprice!", sale price CHF 95.-!!!

PureVision Multifocal (6er Box)

Manufacturer Bausch&Lomb

PureVision Multifocal

PureVision™ Multi-Focal: The newest development of B&L for correction more presbyoper (age itself tiger) lens carriers, which would like to always or do without a reading or sliding view eyeglasses occasionally.

Lenses for continuous carrying during 30 days/29 nights represent an important break-through in the lens technology!
Naturally you can also use this high oxygen permeability, if you carry and over night from the eye take the PureVision™ as normal monthly lens.

PureVision™ Multi-Focal Simultaneous-Principle:

Proximity in the center of the lens and slow continuous strength reduction for the intermediate distances up to the remote strength in the periphery of the lens.
The monthly exchange system PureVision™ Multi Focal gives clear view to presbyopen lens carriers each age on all distances.

Clear advantage:
- short acclimatizing time
- clear seeing within the close, far from and intermediate ranges
- without read eyeglasses or sliding view eyeglasses can be done during the lens carrying
- even night driving a car and PC-work are substantially facilitated
- Clear view after waking up or in the middle at the night

They need read eyeglasses despite your Contactlenses still another?!
In former times incommodities were pre-programmed with the Presbyopie: First eyeglasses for those Remote view and then still another read eyeglasses. As only alternative bifokale or multifokale eyeglasses presented themselves, with which a small range in the glass deciphering smallprinted made possible. Modern Presbyopie-Contactlenses permit clear seeing within all ranges, in the proximity and in the distance. They are practically and comfortable.

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Retail price CHF 179.-! "
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